Paint My Place App – a real estate agent’s secret weapon

Many real estate agents will know that an unattractive or ‘too personlised’ color scheme can really impact sales and that too many buyers just can’t see pass that orange kitchen.

Australian entrepreneur, Daniel Plit has a developed a free App to assist real estate agents during open houses.

Paint My Place, a free 4.5 star IOS App, enables real estate agents to capture photos of the home during open house and instantly repaint walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets etc with real brand name paint colors to prospective buyers tastes.  

Free inclusions

  • Capture a photo or upload an image
  • Paint with 15 real brand name paint colors and 3 recommended palettes (color schemes) with the option of applying an undercoat. Color schemes include:
  • Select the size of your brush and opacity of the paint
  • Instantly splash on paint with the intuitive bucket tool
  • The circle guide shows where your finger is painting
  • Use the masking square to exclude areas
  • Enhance your exterior with roof and fence finishes
  • Zoom in and out using the two finger pinching gesture
  • Undo any accidental brush strokes in a snap with the eraser or undo tool
  • Features a ‘?’, providing  assistance on using the tools to ensure you have a great experience

Unlock the App for $2.99 to access additional features

  • Unlock over 30,000 brand name paint colors from 35 of the World’s favourite brands. Automatically receive free updates including additional paint brands and paint color decor trends
  • Access hundreds of color collections and palettes (color schemes), recommended by the World’s  favourite paint brands and interior designers using the ‘Suggested Color Schemes’ at the bottom of your screen
  • Select up to 4 paint colors at a time to dabble with
  • Save and email yourself, your friends or painter with your re-painted property including the selected paint color schemes
  • Share your ‘newly painted home or property’ photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, where your friends can comment on your design skills!

About the developer Daniel Plit

Daniel Plit is a 26 year old entrepreneur in the technology and innovation field. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of NSW, Australia and is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.  He runs various business such as Computing Intelligence, a business IT support and infrastructure firm as well as Custom Mobile Apps, a company specializing in mobile app development projects partnering with creative everyday people.